Making Your Tree Pop!

Making Your Tree Pop!

Whether you're prepping for a holiday party or just getting your tree ready for a festive holiday season, it's always nice to think of ways to make your decorations special.  If you're feeling at a loss for what to do this year (or just want some extra inspiration for that "wow" factor), check out some of the ideas below:



Even though Christmas happens in the middle of Winter, you can still take advantage of the beauty that flowers offer as a decor element, such as on this tree from In Full Bloom:


Did you know that the original lights on Christmas trees were actually candles?  To capture this old-world charm (but with modern technology and safety standards), consider using some artificial candles like the ones this setup from Balsam Hill using Miracle Flame Candles (the "flames" really move!)

Globe lights like the ones on this tree from the team at Classy Clutter help to create a soft and pleasing Christmas-y glow-- you can either use them by themselves or combine them with some traditional string lights:



Theme trees give you a chance to have some real fun with the decor materials, like this candy cane tree from Room for Improvements (note the use of red-and-white ornaments to carry over the main colors)

or this snowman tree from Fox Hollow Cottage (complete with a top hat as the tree topper)



If you're not a fan of tinsel (or you are but want to try something new), you can use tulle, ribbon, and/or decorative mesh (also called “deco mesh”) to add some color and fullness to your tree.  See here for a video tutorial from Sam’s Club on how to build a good deco mesh base for your decorations:

Another interesting way to wrap the tree is with some holiday card “tinsel” like on this tree featured on Country Living (photo credit Monica Buck) using jute rope and mini clothespins for a vintage 50’s / 60’s look:

Not everything has to be shiny and sparkly -- if you want a little more of a rustic look, try using jute webbing or burlap like this awesome tree from The Project Girl (note how the burlap diffuses the lights to create a warm glow that still keeps a little bit of the twinkle):

Beads are also a nice way to add a classic-and-classy touch to your tree, such as this one from JK Homestead



It may not be the most elegant decoration, but making a construction paper chain with the kids is a fun activity that keeps those little hands busy and gives them a sense of ownership in the decor.  For a tutorial, see this video from Kids Imaginarium (and remember, you can use tape or even a glue stick as an alternative to staples if you're worried about finger cuts).




If you want to spice things up a little bit, remember that you can always depart from the traditional red-and-green color palette and go for something like this lovely blue and silver tree from Refresh Restyle:



Feathers can add style and whimsy to your tree (just be careful with your choices to make sure it doesn't look like it's molting).  For some inspiration, check out this peacock feather Christmas tree by Saucy Dragonfly featured on Flickr,

this "nesting tree" (incorporating pheasant feathers) from Home is Where the Boat Is

or this stunning black, gold, and silver tree from Christmas Decor Styles:



If you want to make your tree fancy without breaking the bank, take a trip to your local dollar store and snag some picks and curly giftwrap ribbon for a look like this one featured on Decoholic:



Regardless of the materials you use, your Christmas tree is an excellent opportunity to show off your personality and style.  Decorating the tree is often one of the most creative things people do all year (and is a great bonding time with friends and family), so go all out and have fun!