DIY Christmas Snow Globe | Christmas Decorations

DIY Christmas Snow Globe | Christmas Decorations

Hi Swanky DIY-ers! Today we're bringing you a super cute and easy DIY. These Christmas themed snow globes are sure to add extra sparkle and whimsy to your decorations!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

-Mason jar (any size you'd like)
-Super glue
-Liquid glycerin (optional)
-Mini figures (anything you'd like!)

Step 2: Gluing Your Figures

Using your super glue, secure your figures to the lid of the mason jar. Leave them to dry for at least 24 hours to ensure they are secured. We would recommend rinsing pieces like the tree we've used above before putting them into the glass. Ours ended up turning our water a little green!

Step 3: Add Glitter!

Fill your mason jar almost to the top with water. Add about a half tablespoon of  liquid glycerin. Then you can add the glitter! We chose a fine silver holographic glitter as well as a chunkier iridescent white glitter to mimic real snow. Stir up your mixture. The glitter will tend to float to the top, but once you get it sealed up it will shake off of your figures. 

Next, put the lid onto the mason jar and screw tight! You'll be shaking it to make the "snow" fall, so make sure it is sealed well. If needed, add more water to fill the glass. Now, SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!!!!

There you have it! A glittery Christmas snow globe you can use for years to come. We hit a sale at Micheal's and got our supplies for a steal making this craft as easy and inexpensive as it is beautiful!

All of us here at Swanky Party Box wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!