Ten DIY Ideas to Liven Up Your Christmas Home Decor

Ten DIY Ideas to Liven Up Your Christmas Home Decor

If you haven’t started decorating for Christmas yet, ‘tis (officially!) the season.  With friends and family stopping by, parties to host, presents to wrap, and of course Christmas Eve and Day themselves, it’s always nice to make your home as lovely as possible during the holiday season.  Often, though, we find ourselves throwing up that same musty wreath, candle set, and mantel runner that we've been using for the past decade and then running off to focus on shopping.  If you feel like you’re in a rut decorating-wise (or if you just always like to have something new), try freshening up your decor game this year with some of the ideas below:


These ice lanterns by Kersey Campbell on Momtastic are a beautiful, natural, and basically free decoration for your walkway or doorstep.  You can alter the size and shape according to your tastes— just remember to check the weather and make sure the temperature won’t creep above the freezing mark, or you'll have a pretty soggy front walk.


Want to give your holiday meal(s) an extra touch of class?  Consider putting the menu on a restaurant-style framed chalkboard like this one by Marian Parsons featured on HGTV (tutorial here).  The awesome part is that you can erase it and use it again for meal after meal, year after year! 


Making your own lighted Christmas balls like the one below from Proton Electric (how-to video here) is more on the labor-intensive side of things, but the results are fantastic.  You can also cheat and use a floral metal form ball like this one on Amazon for around $13, although be aware that it’s only ten inches in diameter... for the mega huge ones like in the video you’ll have to pay more or may just need go the DIY route (but again, the end product is totally worth it!).


Can you guess what this giant Christmas wreath is made from?  (If you guessed a hula hoop, you're right!)  Check out the details on Homemade Ginger.


If you want to add a little glitz to your home for the season, these Martha Stewart-inspired glitter jars featured on Something Turquoise are just the ticket—  with pretty much no limits on size, color, or design, you can break out the glitter canisters and let your imagination go wild! 


Ever seen a twinkle light canvas like the one below at a store and wished it said something else, was a different color, etc?  With this step-by-step guide from A Pumpkin and a Princess, you can make your own! 


These mason jar globes from make+haus are a great craft to do with your kids.  Not only do they give an ethereal / dreamy effect to your decor, but with a pinch of glitter or artificial snow, they can also double as snow globes (just make sure to give those lids an extra tight seal or you’re likely to turn the corner and find little Timmy all wet and covered with glitter): 


This idea from Stylish Eve to hang ornaments in the window using different lengths of fishing line, string, or ribbon is quick, easy, and festive: 


Have you ever seen those iced branches at a craft store and thought “those are gorgeous!”, then glanced at the price tag and followed up with “but not that gorgeous...” ?    Check out this tutorial from Make them Wonder on how to make iced branches like these at home:


Want to trade in your spring of mistletoe for a kissing ball?  This design from Crafts Unleashed is super easy (but doesn’t look it!)—  all you need are a styrofoam ball, some decorative picks and ribbon, pine cones, and some hot glue (plus it's a perfect decoration to keep up for that special kiss at New Year's!) 



There are, of course, endless options and ideas for decorating your home for the holidays.  If you haven’t done anything new in a few years, go ahead and scan the shelves and the internet for something that strikes your fancy and give it a try— you may even find some new favorites that will stick with you for years to come!