Great Halloween Party Invites for Kids

With Halloween just around the corner, we get asked A LOT about throwing an awesome party for the little ones.  So we decided to share our recipe for the Best Halloween Kids Party.

We believe the party starts with the Invitation, it's the first peek into the party that the guests have and you want them to be left wondering what's in store for them, what exciting and thrilling activities are awaiting.  So we like invitations that are unique and interactive so they grab the kids attention.  Here are our selection.

Find this in our store here or in our Etsy store here.

We love the invite below as it doubles as the perfect gift for kids, squishy, slimy toys with a hint of a scare.  This was made by Kerry Lyn over at Live Craft Learn.  Unfortunately she is no longer blogging but she has instructions on how to make it and we believe you could substitute some slime from the dollar or craft store to make these.  Maybe Swanky Party Box will add these cute invites next year.

Find it here.

The folks over at Pottery Barn Kids designed this invite which doubles as a candy or gift bag. 


Instructions can be found here.  These are very easy to make and the kids can help decorate and fill with candy or Halloween toys. 

Have fun.