French Square Milk Bottles

Juice boxes are so practical for a kid’s birthday party but let’s be honest, they look out of place on a well-dressed party table. Other options for your table are paper cups and there are some great choices of bright colorful patterns and themes but for little ones transitioning from bottles to Sippy cups or Sippy cups to regular cups this can be disastrous. This clumsy transitioning phase, for toddlers, requires lots and lots of patience as you watch them spill their juice everywhere.


Enter the amazing French Square plastic milk bottle with it’s clear transparent retro look, elegant enough to dress up a party table and with enough space to put a label, wrap or decoration to match your theme. Unbreakable, spill proof (with the hole in the cap), reusable and BPA Free, what more could a party planning Mom need.


These milk jugs hold just 8 ounces of liquid, just enough to quench a little ones thirst and are so transparent and sturdy they can be mistaken for glass. Dressing these little cups are where the fun begins, the options are endless. Check out some great designs below.

                                                                 This is so creative and oh so yummy, drink your milk and lick the rainbow sugar sprinkles, you can use any variation of sprinkle colors to match your theme.  This photo is from Jessica Billings over at Party Pants.
                          So versatile, the bottles can be dressed up to fit into your party theme.  This photo is from Tammy Mitchell of Pink Peppermint Parties.
                  Customize the bottles with wraps and labels to match your theme. This photo is from Carli Eklund of Dimple Prints.


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