Safe Halloween Ideas

Safe Halloween Ideas

Halloween is looking a lot different this year, but there’s no way I’m cancelling it.  It’s the only time of year thousands of adults get to play dress again, eat candy all day long and allow their kids to knock on strange people’s doors and ask for stuff! 


I have been racking my brain for ideas to celebrate and still be responsible, so here’s 6 ideas that I’ve come up with to keep Halloween fun and safe.


Part of the fun is walking from house to house to see the creative ideas of your neighbors and kids love this.  So start early and make it special, use balloons, to add a fun touch.
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It’s important to try and keep the traditions, if possible, especially for the kids.  So, dress up and keep it fun, remember to incorporate a face mask into your costume if you’re heading outside.


Set up outside, add some chairs and a table.  Put candy in bags or paper cups and put them on your candy table.  This is a great time to decorate your table.  Sit outside to make sure kids take one bag and don’t touch multiple bags.  Put some hand sanitizer on your table so little visitors can keep their hands clean.

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Put up a sign so visitors know your rules when they arrive.  We have a great free printable option here, available for the first 10 customers.


Print and laminate a large sheet of paper that states “Knock then stand here, X”. Place it on the ground 6 feet from your door.  When someone knocks, open the door just slightly and attach a candy bag to the end of a broom stick and push it out to your trick or treaters.  Or make this great candy slide, designed by The Wicked Makers.

  1. STAY IN

Have fun at home, do a fun Halloween craft, bake or watch a spooky movie, get creative and carve pumpkins or do a candy hunt around the house.  You can include friends and family by zoom but have fun.

Happy Halloween.