DIY Unicorn Headband

DIY Unicorn Headband

Hi Swanky DIY-ers! Today we are showing you how to make this cute unicorn horn headband! It was so quick and easy and turned out super cute!


Step 1: Gather Supplies

-Fake Flowers
-Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Cutting Out Your Felt Shapes

To make the unicorn horn, I used a piece of string to help me make a cone shape on my felt.

It looked like this once I cut it out:

Then, I glued it together and tied my gold ribbon around it to give it a little sparkle!

I did go ahead and stuff my horn with a little the felt scraps so it would stand up straight and not be flimsy. Then moved on to the ears! For these, I just estimated what I felt would be a good shape and cut out two. Then, using the bigger white piece as a template, I cut out two smaller ear shapes in pink to make the inside of the ears.

Then I glued the bottoms of the ears together  to make them easier to glue to our headband later.

Step 3: Wrapping Your Headband

To make our headband shiny, we wrapped it in iridescent ribbon.

Step 4: Glue It All Together!

Next, we need to assemble everything together! Start with gluing the horn to the top middle of the headband. We had some trouble with this- it didn't seem to want to stay upright. Just play around with it until you can get it to work for you! The flowers will cover up any extra glue and the bottom of the horn and ears, so no worries about mistakes!

Then just glue on your flowers! BAM! Beautiful unicorn headband in 20 minutes tops!