Welcome To Camp!

Welcome To Camp!

Welcome To Camp is the newest party trend for this fall and winter, and we have everything you need to throw an adorable and successful camp party!


Customizable and perfect for any age, this party theme can be used for your smallest “Happy Camper” all the way up to a big kids sleepover party or a real camping trip! Swanky Party Box has put together some awesome party elements to help you decorate and bring your camping theme to life!


Dress It Up! First things first, every good party starts with an awesome banner! It’s the perfect way to communicate your theme as soon as your guests arrive! We have created a few different banners that can all come together to create a larger backdrop or can be used individually for a smaller set up. Our “Welcome To Camp” burlap banner features hand stenciled images of s’mores, a campfire, and a small tent.


Our second banner to go along with this theme is a more playful view on camping, spelling out “Don’t Feed The Bears” with a hand stenciled bear as well as a bear claw! This banner can be purchased in our signature burlap style or a more cost effective card stock style.


Add some color! To accent the outdoorsy feeling of camping, we created this beautiful mini balloon garland that helps pull the whole theme together! Choosing matte balloons in these beautiful muted earth tones is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in! This mini balloon garland is a great addition to a camp themed event adding color and extra style to your party.

Our full Camp Party Kit comes with everything you need to create and assemble this colorful mini balloon garland! This balloon garland measures 36 inches long and includes over 30 balloons in bright beautiful colors that are appropriate for any age group. We love the colors of this balloon garland as they mimic nature and communicate the idea of an outdoorsy camping trip, even if you’re hosting a small get together in your home or backyard! The banner that is included in this kit  can be purchased in our durable, hand painted burlap fabric, or as a crisp card stock banner which offers the same look and a fraction of the cost.

 The kit will also include a string to hang your banner, a needle to help you thread the flags together and of course this large Brown Bear foil balloon which can be inflated with regular air or helium, depending on how you choose to set it up.


Our Woodland Brown Bear foil balloon, measures 34 inches when inflated! Adding this happy little bear to the collection is the perfect way to bring some character to the decor pieces and truly brings the entire theme together.


Let's Customize It! Adding your child's name to the banner can personalize the entire experience and make it that much better! Kids will love to attend a personalized camping party for their friend, and your child will love to see their name on the banner. Small touches like this can make them feel like this party is really made for them. If you're taking a family camping trip or even hosting a family get together or reunion, this is another fun way to incorporate a theme and make everyone in attendance feel included.



Happy Camper! The best part about a camp theme is that it is appropriate for any age! Even if your child is too young for a real camping trip, you can celebrate your ONE happy camper with this adorable highchair banner. This highchair decor will pair perfectly with one of our burlap banners! This combination will create an adorable backdrop for your baby's cake smash moment!


Let’s talk food! This DIY snack table idea would be perfect for guests of any age! Grab all of the ingredients needed to create this unique and fun “make your own trail mix” bar. This idea allows your guests to have some freedom around choosing their food, but also creates an activity and some visual entertainment as well! This concept could also work for a real camping trip, packing everything individually and allowing your campers to create a snack that they are sure to enjoy.

Another great option for food at your camp party would be any food that can be made on a grill or over the campfire. Give all the camping vibes by serving hotdogs, mac and cheese, corn on the cob and some yummy baked beans! We love the way this table scape turned out, taking some classic food items and presenting them with a grab and go style of serving. This selection of food will make your guests feel like they are huddled around the campfire.



Top things off with a gorgeous campfire cake! What better centerpiece for your dessert table than this amazing cake that looks just like a campfire? In addition to cake, adding brownies, cookies, s'mores, or any other sweet treat will allow your guests to have some options and satisfy that sweet tooth craving!

If you're taking this party on the road for an actual camping trip, homemade S'mores Muddy Buddies is easy to travel with, and a delicious sweet snack that everyone will enjoy! 


Need S’more? Whether you set up a full bonfire and let your guests roast marshmallows themselves, or create a s’mores inspired dessert, chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers are an absolute necessity for any camp inspired party! These s’mores inspired cupcakes not only look delicious, but they are also an adorable way to tie in s'mores without the commitment of a full fire at your event.

Another fun spin on s’mores is this s’mores on a stick dessert! These desserts are easy to display, and most importantly, easy to eat! 


A deconstructed s’more cup is another fun way to incorporate those signature flavors without lighting up the bonfire.

If you choose to go big, turn up the heat, and let your guests create these delicious elevated s'mores, making it a party they won't forget! Try these "Smeaches" adding grilled peaches and white chocolate to mix up the flavors of a regular s'more. You could also go with beautiful and delicious caramel apple s'mores adding some crips sweetness to your dessert. Take a luxurious twist on standard s'mores by adding some peanut butter, jelly, lemon meringue, or even some white chocolate to create a salty, sour or sweet twist to your traditional s'mores flavor!


Let's Party! The next item on the list to planning an amazing camp event is entertainment! Different types of games and activities are good for different guests. Below we will outline some exciting activities that will work for all different age groups. No matter who you're hosting, you'll have some fantastic games, ideas and entertainment to offer!

This donut challenge is the perfect game for kids and adults to get involved with! It's great to play outside and it's a simple game that is both silly and fun!

If you're hosting a sleepover, and it's time to wind down, another great game could be a few rounds of Camping Bingo! This downloadable bingo card is a great template for your camping game night. 

For a younger group, there are a few fun and interactive ways to get the kids involved and in the spirit of camping! "Stick Tac Toe" is a creative and fun game that kids can play at any age! A nature scavenger hunt is another fun activity to bring in the element of nature, and get kids into the camping theme! A "Feed the Bear" bean bag toss can work for younger or older kids as well! In an older age group, this game would be fun with teams or as a competition to get everyone involved and make it a little exciting!   

 In addition to a kids party at your home or in your backyard, all of these games are also easy to pack up and take on the road for a true camping experience and a night under the stars. 

Look the part! T-shirts are an absolute must for a camping party or a camping adventure! Grab some authentic and customizable t-shirts from some of our favorite Etsy sellers to complete the camping experience! You can get t-shirts for your happy camper, or include all of your guests with a fun custom shirt to remember the experience!

 No matter what type of event you're hosting, your kids and their friends will absolutely love this camping theme! Whether you're out in the wilderness roasting marshmallows over a fire, or hosting a sleepover at your home, the full camp experience is possible with this kit, some great food, and lots of outdoor activities! Keep exploring!