Week of Unicorns: Unicorn Food!

Week of Unicorns: Unicorn Food!

Sure, it’s great to throw a fabulous unicorn party for your little one, but what about the other 364 days of the year?  If you want to ride the multi-colored wave of unicorn popularity in everyday life, making fun edible unicorn treats is a wonderful (and entertaining) way to do so.  It also creates a great opportunity for the kiddos to learn some kitchen skills and express their own creativity (even the littlest fingers can usually manage to throw some sprinkles on the top).

The Swanky Team followed the unicorn drink recipe from Imperial Sugar but used cold milk instead of hot and used our 12oz milk bottles to fill them with this magical yummy drink.  It's an easy to follow recipe and makes a fun, tasty unicorn party drink.


unicorn party drink


Almost everybody likes cake in some form or fashion, be it layer cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, eating the batter and icing straight out of their bowls…..what?  I don’t do that….  For a good run down on how to make cake pops in general (and a unicorn version), check out this article on  If you’re in the mood for a tri-colored Unicorn Angel Cake with sprinkles, has you covered.  For an extra unicorn-y touch, you can also consider a cake topper, which you can either buy or even make yourself.


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For some cookie options, you can try your hand at an iced unicorn sugar cookie like this from Baking with Best, although that one definitely takes a steady hand and a lot of patience and may not be the best if you have eager little helpers at your elbow.  As an easier alternative, you can grab one of the many unicorn cookie cutter sets available at places like Amazon and decorate with icing, sprinkles, and whatever else you like:


Taking other sweet snacks and drinks and adding a dash of unicorn magic is fun as well—it can be something as simple as taking traditional snow cones and adding sprinkles or as complex as building this Unicorn Blondie Sundae from pink blondies, rainbow ice cream, and a boat load of whipped cream topped with colorful candy and sprinkles.  One of the most popular treats that has come out of the Unicorn Craze is the ever-delightful unicorn hot chocolate (see here for an example that looks so yummy you’ll want to eat your computer screen).  If you need even more over-the-top inspiration, check out this rainbow-laden rundown on for a wide variety of ideas, including some beautiful unicorn macaroons, unicorn bark, unicorn pop tarts, and much more.


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Do you have a child who simply cannot understand why cupcakes are not an appropriate breakfast food?  Try serving "unicorn toast" topped with colored cream cheese (you can use food coloring, but if you’re going the natural route, you can use blueberry preserves for the purple, turmeric root juice for the yellow, and beet root juice for the pink).  And I think we would all agree that pretty much anything would be made a little more festive with this Magical Unicorn Sugar from Etsy (made from a combination of blueberry, hibiscus, and lemon sugars). 


(image courtesy of VibrantAndPure, Instagram)

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by a world filled to the brim with dazzling pictures of confections that look like the latest drop shipment from Fairyland (especially with professional bakers and decorators in the mix), and it’s tempting to throw up your hands and say “forget it, I’m going to get a pack of Oreos and call it a day.”  Just remember that creating things with your children not only produces the final product of a cupcake or cookie or sundae, but the lessons and memories that come from making it.  Even if it turns out to be a mess (and hey, it happens to the best of the pros—they just don’t post those pictures on Instagram), it’s a wonderful opportunity to bond with your kid(s), teach them important skills, and just plain have fun together.  So whatever you end up with, as long as you can add some sprinkles and a smile, it’s a win.