Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Next week is Thanksgiving (does anyone else think this year is flying by?), and it's time to start thinking about decorating for the big day!



Since the holiday is all about giving thanks, a beautiful way to set the tone is with a gratitude tree like this one from The House That Lars Built where guests can write things they are thankful for on the leaves:


To bring in some color, try adding some bright floral arrangements featuring oranges, golds, etc. like this bouquet from Nanz & Kraft: 

A nice way to combine flowers with Fall elements is to put them in a (faux) pumpkin vase like the one below from A Pumpkin and a Princess (this arrangement is also a great example of how departing from the traditional autumn color palette can produce a wonderfully elegant result):


If you want to do something different from flowers, another great option is a simple arrangement of live and / or artificial berries like this one featured on Country Living (you can use bittersweet berries, crabapple berries, or really anything that looks nice):


A super easy decor idea where you can use left over materials from making your centerpiece, mantel, door hanging, etc. is to put it all in a wicker basket like this one on Stone Gable (and if it won't all fit in well, remember the powers of hot glue):


The cornucopia (or "horn of plenty") is one of the most iconic decor elements of Thanksgiving and Fall in general and makes a great addition to your decor. (If you or your children want to know more about the origins of the cornucopia and how it came to be part of this seasonal tradition, check out this article from Infinite Spider).  Even though they look complicated, these are basically just baskets of fruit, vegetables, plants, etc. You can either buy one pre-made or can put one together yourself starting with an empty cornucopia basket like this one on Amazon (see a tutorial from Howcast here on how to make your own). 

Also remember that your door and mantel are excellent places to display some Thanksgiving decor (make sure to check out our blog posts on Spicing Up Your Fall Wreath and Tips for Creating a Stylish Fall Mantel).



As an alternative to a centerpiece, consider implementing a wooden plank table "runner" and decorating with candles, fruits, etc. like this one featured on InStyle for a beautifully rustic look:

If you want to add a little sparkle and shine, you can include some metallics with touches like these gold pumpkin place card holders from Target (just be careful to not get carried away and let it turn into Thanksgiving at King Midas's House):


A lovely (and surprisingly easy to make) option for napkins are these gold acorn napkin rings from Parties for Pennies (hint-- the gold is drawn on with a paint pen):

If you want something more customized, try out name-specific napkin wraps like the ones below from Bloom Designs Online that double as place cards (you can download the template here):


Remember that ultimately Thanksgiving is a time to gather together and celebrate the things and people you are grateful for, so if you give those things some solid thought and consider how to best reflect them in your decor choices, you're sure to be pleased with the result.