DIY Family Thankful Wreath | Thanksgiving Craft

DIY Family Thankful Wreath | Thanksgiving Craft

Hi Swanky DIY-ers!

For this Thanksgiving, we wanted to take a look at things we are thankful for, big and small. This is a great project to involve your whole family in. Here's what we made-

Step 1: Gather Supplies

-Styrofoam wreath
-Fabric of choice
-Sewing pins
-Small paint brush
-Hot glue gun
-Construction paper

Step 2: Add Some Glitter (optional)

We decided we wanted to add a little extra glam to our sewing pins and what better way to do that than to cover them in glitter! Put your glitter in a small bowl. Cover the top of your pin in glue using a paint brush (dipping them into a pool of glue tends to make them an odd shape and they take longer to dry). Then dip the glue covered pin into the glitter. Viola! Gorgeous glitter tops. We pinned ours into the wreath to dry. 

Step 3: Leaves

Using construction or card stock paper, cut out a bunch of leaf shapes. To fill these out, ask your family members to write down a few things they're thankful for. You can stretch this out over whatever time period you like! Each day, a couple a week, you choose what works best for you. You could even use this at your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving celebration instead of just for your family. Use smaller leaves to get a fuller effect on your wreath and to show a lot of things you're thankful for.

Step 4: Wrap Your Wreath

Cut your fabric into strips a couple inches in width. Using the hot glue gun, secure the first piece to the back of the foam and let it cool. Then wrap your fabric, overlapping a little bit, around the styrofoam. At the end of your strip, glue down to the back of the wreath. Then take your next strip and glue it to the edge of the first fabric piece. Repeat until your wreath is covered. 


Step 5: Assemble and Display


Make a bow to place on the top or bottom of your wreath for decoration! We also chose to write "thankful" across the front of ours on construction paper for a little extra decoration. Take your leaves and, using your glitter pins, pin them into place on your wreath. Such a great reminder of things you are thankful for!