Ten Ways to Add Some Sparkle to Your New Year's Eve Party

Ten Ways to Add Some Sparkle to Your New Year's Eve Party

Yes, yes.... we just wrapped up Christmas yesterday, and many of us aren't even home yet (or we are home, just buried under a pile of torn tissue paper, empty candy wrappers, and discarded bows).  It's hard to believe that there's only one week left in the year (where did it go???), but that's the truth of the matter.  If you're planning on hosting (or assisting with) a New Year's Eve party, now is the time to start some serious planning for food, decor, etc., but just because the planning is serious, it doesn't mean you can't mix some fun and creativity in there as well.  Anything goes when it comes to these types of parties, but if you want to add some sparkle to your celebrations to send the current year on its way, check out some of the ideas below:


This simple but striking glittery lantern from Two Delighted is made with a paper lantern, glitter, and glue.  Light it up and the effect is spectacular!


Wondering what to do with those left over tree trimmings?  Recycle them as toppers for these tinsel drink stirrers from Martha Stewart that look like little sparklers in your glass:


If you've always wanted to try your hand at doing glittered champagne bottles, check out this this tutorial from Something Turquoise on how to get results like the ones below:


This cute "New Year Breakfast" idea from The 36th Avenue is a great treat for guests to enjoy after midnight in the wee hours of the new year-- all you need is some store-bought doughnuts, some mini milk bottles, and some edible gold decorations (like these edible gold stars on Amazon) and you're set!


Glitter-dipped balloons like these on The Backyard Gnome are easy, fun, and can be any color(s) you like:


For a truly stunning look, you can cover fruit, desserts, or pretty much anything you like with edible glitter jewel dust like this from Naturally Gifted NY on Etsy:


This fantastic gold paillette photo backdrop from Oh Happy Day takes some time and money to put together, but it makes for some great selfies and will have your party's guests talking for weeks to come:


These fabulous gold and silver cookies featured on P.S. I Made This look like something from a high-end bakery but are really just vanilla wafers painted with lemon extract and (edible) metallic highlighter dust:


If you like fairy lights, consider incorporating some micro LED strings  into your decor to add a taste of fantasy to your party (this set can even be immersed in water, so let your imagination soar!)



Of course you want your guests to feel like royalty, so why not top it all off by providing crowns?  This super cute mini glitter crown featured on HGTV (photo credit Nicole Mlaker) is made from a cardboard tube, glitter, and elastic-- these won't break the bank and can even (depending on how wild the party gets) be used year after year:


As the year comes to a close, make sure you're having some fun putting together your own festivities-- whether it's a party of two with just you and your sweetie or a huge bash that everyone will still be talking about in June, New Year's Eve is a wonderful time to both fit in some last bits of celebration of what 2018 has brought us and rev up some excitement at what lies ahead in the year to come.