Halloween Party Games

Halloween Party Games

It's October, and that means it's time to start planning games for your Halloween party!  While trick-or-treating is the traditional activity for this holiday, substituting (or adding) a party with games to keep the kiddos entertained is a good way to spend All Hallows Eve as well.  (If you're not having a party but you're involved in a school carnival or community festival, these games work equally well for those):



This game from Martha Stewart is great for parties geared toward both younger and older kids-- you fill the orange balloons with (light-weight) candy, confetti, or glitter, arrange in a pumpkin pattern on the wall, and have the kids pop them to win treats (the younger children can pop their chosen balloon with a pin, while the older ones can use darts... just make sure to keep the area clear for safety).  



Keep things active at your party by encouraging kids to try their hand at this twist on a traditional ring toss using cardboard witch hats as the goal posts. 

For instructions on how to make your own witch hats for this game, check out this DIY guide from First Palette to make hats like these:



Cover some empty paint or Pringles cans with spooky decorations like these on A Girl and a Glue Gun, hand the kids some small pumpkins to roll, and let the fun begin!  



A fun party activity on its own or as a timed competition, the goal of this game from Play Party Plan is to either have a partner or a team wrap the "mummy" player entirely in toilet tissue before the timer runs out (thrifty shopper tip-- go purchase some of the super-cheap toilet tissue for this one instead of just pulling your nice stuff out of the cabinet).  



Whether for a party or a festival, a cake walk is always a popular game, so throw in a Halloween cupcake as the prize and have a ball!  Check out this wonderful (and free!) printable cupcake walk kit from Paging Super Mom (NOTE: if you go to the site, be careful that you click the button that says "Download Halloween Walk Kit" instead of whatever you see right above it-- that's an ad to download something different entirely.)



If your party is being held during the day or early evening, this game using a DIY Jack-o-Lantern from A Girl and a Glue Gun is a great way to utilize your front walk or driveway (and if not, you can always play it inside).



Do you enjoy the classic thrill of Bingo but want a way to spice things up for your party?  Print out some of these fantastic (and free!) Halloween bingo cards from Studio DIY and use candy corn as the markers:



Do your party guests like close-quarters competition?  This great idea from Still Playing School is super simple but highly entertaining--just cut the ring portion off of some colorful spider rings, hand out some extra wide straws for blowing, and have a spider for kids and adults alike!



The age-old favorite party game for Halloween, is, of course, bobbing for apples, however it's important to note that multiple children dunking their faces into a communal tub of water isn't the most hygienic situation (you can read more on the possible health risks in this article from Romper).  Starting the fall off with your kid(s) battling strep throat, pinkeye, or a mystery bacterial infection is no one's idea of a good time, so maybe consider alternatives to that particular activity-- with so may wonderful options out there, you certainly have your pick of games to make your party memorable and fun for all!