5 Great Ideas for Thanksgiving Traditions

5 Great Ideas for Thanksgiving Traditions

Five Great Ideas for Thanksgiving Traditions

 As we all adjust to the new normal, or wait for the new normal to occur, many families are having a socially distanced Thanksgiving this year. Many traditions will be difficult to keep and we thought about some new traditions that you can do near or far.

Thankful Jar

Start the holiday tradition of a thankful jar. You can use a mason jar, or any clear jar with a lid. Gather colorful paper (scrap-booking leftovers work perfectly) and cut into strips about 2 x 4 inches.
If you’re maintaining distance or can’t travel this year, speak to each person and ask about one thing they are thankful about. Write them all down with the year, their name and their comment.

Have a video call through zoom or other video conference and share the thankful comments with the whole group at dinnertime, or while eating your favorite pie. Keep them in the jar year to year, for a grand time reading comments from the past and current years.

 Thanksgiving Craft

Before the big day prepare a craft with family or friends that can be used on Thanksgiving Day. This can range from napkin rings or name placeholders to a mantle banner or door wreath.

There are tons of DIY crafts for Thanksgiving celebrations, Pinterest or Google ”Family Thanksgiving crafts”. Most supplies can be bought at your local dollar store to keep it affordable.

If you have family members who are unable to join your celebration, these little crafts are a perfect way to show them you’re still thinking of them. We have a great DIY burlap banner kit which you can purchase here, send one to each of your guests not attending and set a time to decorate them together virtually. Just send them early to ensure they arrive on time!

Bake or Cook Something New

Try a new recipe, it can be as easy as baking cookies. See if you can get someone to help you too.

I am going to be trying these Pie Crust Cookie Leaves.  It's simple and can be done the day before.  Take one refrigerated pie crust and unfold, cover with half a cup each of dried cranberries and toasted pecans. Cover with the second pie crust, then roll out to about 14 inches diameter and cut into desired shapes. Reroll out the leftover pieces and make the most of the crust. Place shapes on a baking sheet and place in a 425° oven for 8 to 10 minutes until golden.

To see the full directions, visit the full recipe at Home Is Where the Boat Is


Random Acts of Kindness

Make it a tradition that you and your family, friends or guests do something nice for someone. It could be a neighbor, stranger at the store. A fun list for inspiration is “50 Random Acts of Kindness That Will Change Your Life.


Come One, Come All to the Talent Show

Invite each of your guests from young to old participate in a live or virtual talent show. It can be a joke, poem, song, magic trick, or any other short performance. Get kids involved let them decorate a ‘set’ for the performance.